Meditation is a direct method of transforming the heart and mind. Through the quiet cultivation of mindfulness and kindness, one experiences a deepening peace and wholeness. Meditation helps in developing the capacity to concentrate, and contributes to greater emotional positivity.

Join The Portsmouth Buddhist Center for Intro courses and regular sit times:

Meditation classes at Portsmouth Buddhist Center

Introduction to Meditation

This course has everything you need to start or refresh a regular meditation practice. You will be introduced to an ancient Buddhist meditation that develops mindfulness through maintaining awareness of the breath. In addition, each class explores a different aspect of meditation practice.

Topics covered include:

  • finding an alert and comfortable meditation posture
  • body awareness
  • how to work with the mind in meditation
  • how to maintain a regular and effective practice
  • how to maintain one’s meditative awareness off the cushion
  • higher states of consciousness

A Kinder Heart

The metta bhavana, or cultivation of loving-kindness, is a core Buddhist meditation practice that anyone can utilize. In it, we come to terms with our tendency towards hatred; actively turning away from it while creating a new openness and warmth within ourselves. In this workshop you will be introduced to the entire sitting practice. Discussion includes guidance in transforming hatred while off the meditation cushion as well.


Meditation Community

These workshops are for those who have completed the introductory courses and wish to explore meditation more intensively with others. In addition to group meditation practice, there will be weekly presentations on taking meditation further, and ample time for exploring more personal interests or problems. Participants will benefit from the experience and support of other practitioners and the facilitator.


Meditation Interviews

Suddhayu is available for individual meditation instruction and counsel. Please contact Green Lotus for details.