"It took me a long time to write this testimonial, I was so daunted by the task of distilling the praise of Ashtanga yoga and Green Lotus enough so that the end result was not a book-length manuscript. Is it the health benefit...the fact that I hardly get sick any more, or that I am more flexible, or more able to quickly recover from injury? Is it the mental benefit: the gradual yet stunning understanding of how to calm the mind, slow down and be liberated through concentration? Is it the serene, light-filled studio space? Is it the expert teachers who lead class with each practitioner’s needs in mind? It’s all of this. But the truth is that it is really all about the breath. I did not realize, until I started practicing Ashtanga with Lona and the gang, how much -- in my Type A life -- what formerly passed for breathing was actually a shallow facsimile of the real deal. Learning ujjayi breathing has proven to be not just a tool for yoga, but for a calmer, more mindful life. Beyond breathing, though, I have taken many of the tools of Ashtanga (learned at Green Lotus) and permanently incorporated them into my physical and mental life; I have become a better person for it." - Linda McGivern

"Green Lotus Yoga gave me my life back. After I had twins and started back at work, I found it difficult to get on a routine, lose weight and gain my sense of self back. The teachers taught me how to fit Ashtanga into my busy life. Even when I only have ten minutes, can't make class, I can roll out my mat and feel good about myself and my practice.

Green Lotus is a warm place in our community and I am truly grateful to have such a place right here in our home."
- Sara Janjigian Trifro

"As a middle-aged, not very flexible male, I was suspicious and somewhat intimidated at the thought of yoga. I attended a beginner class at Green Lotus 3.5 years ago and have never looked back. It has been a truly transformative experience - physically and mentally. I feel younger and more fit than I did ten years ago. Ashtanga yoga certainly takes dedication and discipline, but the instructors at Green Lotus are passionate as well as compassionate and work closely with each practitioner so that they can advance their practice at a comfortable pace. Lona and the other teachers at Green Lotus have created a welcoming and supportive environment that makes the benefits of yoga available to everyone." - Ben Thayer

"I came to Green Lotus because I had always been curious about yoga as a means to tone the body. I could not have expected the changes that have taken place in my life since I started practicing regularly at Green Lotus. I have been able to become so much more than I ever thought I could be: calm, centered, strong, dedicated to physical exertion. While it can be difficult at times, I treasure those morning Mysore sessions that allow my heart, mind, and body to open up to the possibilities present in each day. Ashtanga yoga has truly helped me grow in so many ways and I know that I have not even scratched the surface."
- Sarah Schulenberg

"Since taking my first beginner class at Green Lotus I have become much more connected with my practice and feel motivated to learn and push myself further. I truly look forward to going to classes at Green Lotus; it is warm, clean, bright, smells wonderful, and everyone is so peaceful and welcoming."
- Lindsey

"Yoga changed my life! On deeper contemplation, it’s not so much that yoga changed my life, but that it is part of my life. Just as family is part of one’s life. Ashtanga has taught me so much about my own mind and body. I have discovered strengths and weaknesses – and muscles I didn’t know I have! Most blessed of all is that there are always be compassionate teachers like Lona and friends along the way. My path to the mat started with Lona. I am now practicing on the other side of the world in Singapore. This is possible because Lona and friends paved the way for me to seek a wider Ashtanga community wherever I am. Thank you so much. Namaste." - Jean, Singapore

"When I attended my first class at GL, I was unsure how I felt about yoga. I had tried yoga elsewhere several times in the past and was underwhelmed with the experience. As a result, I was completely shocked when by the end of my first class at GL, I knew I had found a new love! After that first class I began attending classes as often as I could and continue to do so today. The practice I have developed with help of the amazing teachers at GL has changed my mind, body and spirit in a way that continues to surprise me everyday. I am so grateful to practice in the beautiful space at GL, to learn from the kind and knowledgeable teachers and for all the positive changes I've experienced since beginning an ashtanga practice. As cliche as it sounds, the experience has changed my life! Thank you, thank you!!" - Bree

"I first started at Green Lotus shortly after they opened. I had never taken a yoga class before. I was overweight, and I didn't know what Ashtanga meant. The first class I almost fell over reaching for my toes, I sweat, I looked silly, and I didn't know which way to face. At the end of class, I couldn't wait to come back. I was hooked, my body felt alive in a way that it hadn't in a long time. Three plus years later, I am an almost daily practitioner. Yoga at Green Lotus has taught me patience and to listen to my body. It has improved how I look at myself and how I look at the world around me. I have received far more than I bargained for when I first walked into the studio."

- Margot

"When I first moved to Dover in January, I realized that moving across the county and starting college was a stressful event. A friend suggested that I try yoga as a stress reliever and I loved it. I tried most of the yoga places in the Seacoast Area and found my experience at Green Lotus Yoga spectacular and unique. The environment is so friendly and encouraging. Lona and the other instructors teach more than just yoga; they teach you to bring yoga off the mat and into daily life. The yoga instructors at Green Lotus are genuine, very informative, and thorough in their instruction. They give great individual help and instruction in the practice. The environment is very clean and friendly. Everyone seems to know your name after the first time you go! They also do many great workshops such as meditation, which I have also found very enlightening.

The practice at Green Lotus Yoga has brought out a more positive attitude and healthier life for me. As our lives get busier and busier stress reduction is a must and I think yoga at Green Lotus Yoga is a great place to start."

- Tim Amoroso

"Green Lotus has provided me an amazing space to learn about myself. I had practiced yoga for several years before I found this studio and the Ashtanga practice. The instructors have a very hands-on approach to teaching, which really helped me figure out just how much I could actually accomplish with my body (much more than I ever thought, btw). But more importantly, every time I go to my mat to practice, I meet myself as I am today, which is the essence of a yoga practice. I wouldn't have had this experience without help from Lona and the other instructors at Green Lotus."
- Lisa, Uganda

"Go to Green Lotus and begin practicing yoga with these amazing instructors. They are skilled in the practice of yoga and skilled in teaching yoga to others. Every student gets personalized attention and encouragement." - Maggie

"Practicing yoga at Green Lotus has changed my life.  At 48, not only do I feel stronger and more flexible that I ever have, but I have become more calm, patient and feel a better sense of balance." - Kim Bernard